Your Honor

I have been kidnapped to this location against my will. I desire to present EVIDENCE that the arresting officer is acting under Color of Law, and participating in a conspiracy to criminalize my lawful expression of Free Speech and be secure in my 4th amendment rights.

It is probable that the arresting officer is going to allege a Defiant Trespass, after a Criminal Trespass Warning.

1.) No criminal trespass warning is on any record. (See response from Pennsylvania State Police RTKL response.)

2.) Officer may claim that a letter from School Superintendent has the authority to prevent me from accessing public property.  This would be false, as no evidence of a crime has been documented, only an allegation of a disruption.  The evidence will show that the School Board, acting under color of law, violated their oath and caused the disturbance.

3.) All involved parties have been warned to not violate Murdock v Pennsylvania and attempt to convert my attempt to remain secure in my 4th amendment to lawfully speak (Time, Place, Manner) and convert my attempt to speak for 3 minutes, into a crime.

4.) I will NOT be entering any plea, as the crimes by public servants are well documented and will be presented to a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of Pensylvania Court within Case # 22-3329.

5.) I have no power regarding your decision or actions, and respect that you will evaluate physical evidence, in contrast to narrative absent of evidence.

6.) I have posted some evidence for you to review on a public social media channel called Tik Tok under the name @CulturalContrarian that you can see the nature of the officers first crimes, compounded today (after significant warning). 

7.) Respectfully, this communication is provided in my attempt to be reasonable before the court. I have no power other than provide you the opportunity to be reasonable and investigate the facts in contrast to narrative. I understand that I have a right to appeal any decision and will be documenting this experience for inclusion in the named Federal Complaint.

8.) I had hoped that PSP would not retaliate against me unlawfully and I sent communication directly to Trooper Kochka in advance of attempting to redress the school board. This message was never replied to.  I will be submitting a RTKL request to confirm receipt of this message and any communication by PSP regarding that communication.

It is possible that the officer, absent of a warrant, collected private property of mine and will attempt to secure that material in the custody of the police, based upon a false narrative. This would be premeditated harm against my person with the appearance of retaliation. I will be requesting the return of any items stolen from my person without a warrant and immediately returned. Again, I have no power to stop the mounting criminal actions and potential theft or damage to my property and just merely document and present to the Federal Judge.

Here is a copy of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) RTKL response specific to my encounters with PSP Trooper Kochka and another Trooper who has been denied being identified by the Troop, the Trooper herself, and not in my RTKL request.

As further evidence, I had provided PSP and Octorara School Board documentation as far back as October of 2021, which included a Color of Law Violation Warning in January, a Letter of Intent to Sue in March. As I had no documented Criminal Trespass Warning, but feared the unlawful actions by PSP Troopers, I did not return to the school. I was never afforded due process to appeal the threats by Trooper Kochka, nor Dr. Orner (School Superintendent).

The actions today (9/19/2022) in returning to the school were based upon seeing if I could lawfully address the board for 3 minutes, and provide them service of their Lawsuit so the Public had the ability to see that the board is being sued. I have NEVER had ill will and any narrative alleging such would contradict all evidence presented in the public domain and documented for the court.

I respectfully, I request that you review this information in contrast to the “evidence” provided by the arresting officer. In the event no audio, video, Criminal Trespass Document, sworn affidavits from reporting parties, is presented, I allege that none exists. Attempting to be reasonable, I have provided evidence, that the criminal actions under Color of Law are well documented. I have restricted public dissemination of the totality of my records as I have always strived to reason with public officials to afford them the ability to understand the limits of their authority and sworn duties through their swearing of an Oath.


John Miller

Information provided to the Officer on the scene.


I have never had any ill will, nor ill intentions, I merely desire to remain free protected by my 4th Amendment, to lawfully redress my public officials protected by the 1st amendment at the right time, right place and in the proper manner.

Too many have made unlawful statements to deprive me of that right under the guise of policy. I follow laws and did not consent to a policy when it violates the Constitution.  The Supreme Court in Marbury v Madison is well established precedent, that such an action would be “repugnant”.

I wish that you would honor your sworn oath, and not violate my rights by attempting to convert the exercise of my rights into a crime and violate Murdock v Pennsylvania. I cannot reason with an individual who would be in violation of their oath, who may choose to follow unlawful orders or directives.  That individual would not be acting in their official capacity, but their personal one.

I have exhaustively attempted to reason, and documented those attempts, all to arrive at another unlawful encounter.

I do not consent to this encounter.

I will not engage in discussion and will exercise my 5th amendment.

I do not consent to have my movement restrained, blocked, impeded.

I do not consent to being kidnapped.

I do not consent to being searched.

I do not consent to providing any information, until I have received my Miranda warnings and been presented with a Probable Cause Affidavit, Sworn Signed Warrant of Arrest.

Any touching of my private person is not consensual and I will not resist any violence perpetrated against me. (I will go limp)

I do not consent to any confiscation of materials on my person.

I will not converse without an attorney present.

Please provide this document to the Magistrate.