What you can do.

You can take a moment and familiarize yourself of some of the actions that merge public communication with behind the scenes documentation and process regarding Cultural Contrarian becoming free. I apologize in advance that the below links may not be in chronological order. Much greater detail and sequence is provided within the privacy of the PMA Membership.

  1. PMA Membership Agreement (Join the PMA)
  2. If I were to engage with TPUSA. (Attempted but no response)
  3. When a school district acts in bad faith.
  4. Bill of rights, are they dead? (Unlawful traffic stop and my interaction)
  5. Countless Municipal police in Federal Complaint, ignored conditional settlement offer. (No press, no public notice)
  6. Attempt to partner with another PMA. (No engagement)
  7. Personal journey involving Deprivation of Rights. (No engagement)
  8. Having problems with School Administrators? (Are remedies being achieved through 3 minute speeches?)
  9. Information which I had provided to defendants counsel (publicly) at time of official service of summons.
  10. Letter of intent to sue School Board “actors”(redacted). A conditional settlement offer. (Much more context to this process)
  11. Some background on my case(s) State and Federal.
  12. School board alleged of committing fraud against the taxpayers.
  13. Standing on the Constitutional Line of Freedom, not consenting to unlawful requests.
  14. Letter to retired School Superintendent (defendant) which I am forbidden to send.
  15. Communication to replacement Superintendent which I am forbidden to send.
  16. A portion of video evidence in the public domain.
  17. What is not told to parents about public education.
  18. The document I presented to unlawful State Police and was denied from presenting to any Magistrate.