What the media should tell you about public education.

Is it parental consent or parental surrender to the state?

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Octorara School District (OSD) Superintendent, the majority of OSD School Board members, in addition to over 80+ public officials have been involved in a Federal Lawsuit (Case #22-3329) since October of 2022. All individuals are being sued in their private person capacity. The list of defendants include some notable officials in Chester County, particularly Law Enforcement.

The OSD Superintendent (Dr. Michelle Orner) has resigned from her position and the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) in conjunction with the OSD Board are in the process of interviewing for a new Superintendent.

Here are a few questions that the general public might be interested in learning:

  • Why are so many people involved in a lawsuit? (Deprivation of rights under color of law which citizens have never been taught)
  • Why is the school district paying for a lawsuit for non-school employees? (They have so far, but that will likely have penalties from the Federal Judge).
  • Have the prospective superintendent candidates been informed of the lawsuit? (How would they know? It’s not in the news and the board certainly won’t tell on themselves.)
  • What will happen to the board? (The Judge will make that determination, but the case has volumes of evidence of their crimes and continuation of criminal acts).

This LETER was sent to the Director of the CCIU, who is overseeing the interview process for the replacement Superintendent. Pennsylvania School Board Meeting is hosting a webinar where 2/3 of the agenda is alleged to be discussing the legal risks and recommendations on how to manage school board policies, policy enforcement in relationship to private citizens and resident constituents. (The link referenced in the letter.)

The choice is yours as to now being provided this information. Cultural Contrarian is open to a conversation and can be reached through email CulturalContrarian@protonmail.com this would be the first step if one would desire to have an on the record conversation.

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