“A Private Membership Association to Educate, Equip and Empower private citizens to lawfully, respectfully, and professionally to learn their actual Constitutionally Protected Rights. To expand their understanding, to summon courage to stand FREE in those rights.”

– Cultural Contrarian

Hopefully, you have come to this site based upon having heard about the actions from the Founder, in his attempts to advocate on behalf of parents. It is near impossible to create a 3 minute summary of everything which has transpired. A portion of information is in public visibility. If you want to get the quick glimpses you can view an inventory of social channels:

The mission focus of education is not just telling people what they should or could do at all. Cultural Contrarian provides a reasonable framework to better understand the disconnect which we have been conditioned and even compelled to be obedient, without regard to if something is right true, or even lawful. This might sound foreign, confrontational, and even troubling, but it really comes down to:

6 C’s







If a citizen consents to something, it is the citizen’s burden to declare they are doing so UNDER DURESS. If not, their consent is their agreement to what they are “asked” to do. This is even true if the statement is in the form of a DEMAND or an Order but, this is a topic which requires a broader explanation and openness to tease apart this presentation.

Cultural Contrarian is a Private Membership Association (PMA or CC-PMA) which below will be a short audio to provide some context to Cultural Contrarian’s involvement with public servants.


Step 1: Consider joining the Cultural Contrarian Private Membership. The PMA is designed to meet people where they are through a community of like-minded people to navigate learning new information (Eat the Fish, Spit out the bones – means, you take what works for you, and not be bothered with that that doesn’t).

  • Participate in discussions and interaction within a Private Slack Group with other PMA members.
  • Have access to the archive of Lessons, eBooks, audio and video lectures.
  • Discounted Access to participate in online educational interviews, webinars or lectures.
  • Discounts on future products and eBooks produced by Cultural Contrarian.
  • Member pricing for private consultation.
  • By design, our expanding inventory of information (20+ courses, 12 eBooks, hours of content) is not intended to be “overwhelming”. It was meant to be broad enough to allow people to choose a particular path most aligned with their personal concerns.

Step 2: Review the Cultural Contrarian Private Membership Agreement (PMA)

The Cultural Contrarian Private Membership Association is designed and functions as a ministry. The Founder’s worldview is presented before you in the agreement. A discerning individual will see his commitment and vulnerability to those principles when lived out.

Step 3: It’s up to you. Cultural Contrarian will never restrain any human’s Free Will, nor pull them anywhere.

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