To Octorara School District

Attn: Dr. Michelle Orner,

We have never been formally introduced beyond a brief acknowledgment when you took a seat as a witness against me in a preliminary hearing. I recently was provided a letter which stated that you are stepping down from the School Administrator position within Octorara School District. I personally believe that communication could not possibly present the totality of your experience and the depth of relationships you fostered with the Teachers, Staff, Caregivers and most notably the most precious to most, those little lives which are in your domain of influence. You had an overwhelming challenge when provided the stress of balancing state medical mandates, and navigating the challenges of guidelines, policies and balancing the financial needs and the social emotional needs of everyone.

I am writing this here as a result of being threatened with violence for addressing you directly. You never had the opportunity to hear my words, or be open to my thoughts on how to be a positive resource to the Octorara Community. For whatever reason, silencing me was preferred to any type of engagement. I did not take kindly to being silenced in a country which affords every citizen the right to speak and I respectfully attempted to inform you and the board of that right. But, all my efforts and attempts to be reasonable were ignored, and I can understand ones fear about hearing a different perspective. As I had previously communicated that converting my exercise of a right is indeed a crime, you and the board elected to dispute that issue and allow the court to provide the lawful response to resolve that disagreement.

Respectfully, I had never had ill will, nor ill intentions and my public postings are quite clear and transparent about my desire to be an asset to the community, caregivers and children alike. My history available on social media is a proof text to that assertion.

I sincerely wish you well through this transition and will pray that you are open to expression of the thoughts, ideas and concepts which can bring a fresh perspective on a more positive unity between academia and those who choose to place their children in academia.


John Miller

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