The efforts of Cultural Contrarian (CC) to advocate on behalf of citizens harmed by public servants has been quite exhaustive. His intention has been to walk in light and truth, modeling behavior which honors God, in his attempt to demonstrate the difficulty if one desires accountability of public officials. CC is very familiar with the condition of depravity which infects all humans (including himself). Some strive to rebel against their core nature, others choose to repress this aspect of sentience, and freely express anything they feel any way they see fit. As a result of this lack of impulse control by common citizens, CC is constantly a recipient of all forms of personal attacks, false narratives, and complete fabrications, devoid of any evidence. It is not worth CC’s time to respond, correct or even rebuke individuals who build a false narrative based upon lies. CC’s intentions, actions, and conduct is well documented, with a portion of information available in the public domain. CC is completely open to being held accountable to his actions and or conduct. CC will not respond to misrepresentations, mischaracterizations, fabrications, or lies, rooted in ignorance (not knowing). Such an effort by CC would be a fools errand. Many desire to spar in text to push some ideological passion or attempt to trigger some emotional response. You do you, CC will do CC.

CC’s participation in bringing forward a Federal Complaint against a host of individuals, may or may not experience broadened visibility. But here is where CC provide’s the ability one to avoid ignorance and seek the evidence. Please evaluate a gross analog in advance.

Many individuals make some broad sweeping statements regarding the impact/benefits/burdens associated with President Obama and the Supreme Courts ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). How many of those statements are anchored with direct knowledge of what has been WRITTEN in the ACA? How does one know if any statement regarding the ACA is true, if nobody has gone to the source material and actually read it?

As CC’s mission is to help others seek truth, CC cannot make anyone do or see anything. However, CC can make it available to be seen. But a hurdle exists in a society with is Too Distractible to Read or Learn.. The dividing line is based upon personal prioritization. Which is more important? To fabricate or lie about CC’s actions in contradiction to evidence. Possibly just ignore the evidence because one can’t risk the possibility of being wrong to advance their lies? Or, view the public record, and a portion of the evidence and risk seeing the truth before you. After seeing the truth, make a decision that truth doesn’t matter or interact regarding the truth.

CC is being consistent in that the evidence will speak for itself. An objective record is available only to those who are willing to risk their ideological projections, in favor of seeking the truth. The reality, humanity is Too Distractible To Read Or Learn (TDTROL), and prefer the action of vitriolic, meaningless, logical fallacy, text based rants. My evidence collection so far, provides this representation as being accurate. However, it is possible that new evidence might emerge.

So, it is on you.

Read the Federal Complaint, you can do your own research, and pay the courts and download on your own copy of the Federal complaint. Or, you can make a modest, tax deductible donation, in support to CC’s educational efforts and Federal Complain litigation fund.

Listen to CC’s Modern Babylon Podcast which is more evidence of date stamped, public, preparedness.

Or, visit our Give Send Go campaign to see how the Complaint is progressing.