Redress of Grievance

To Whom It May Concern:

I affirm that I am a US Citizen and desire to advocate for the parents and the children who have opted to enter their children into the State-based Public Educational system.

It should not be alarming that citizens are gravely concerned with the direction of public education, the Federal influences, the temptation of significant financial contributions, the power of collective bargaining and the intentional isolation or separation from parents as active participants in their child’s education.

Those who have made the decision to enter a public educational system, staffed, managed and overseen by public servants, whom depending upon their participation level, are protected by qualified immunity. This taxpayer funded, legal protection and indemnification has been a significant hurdle to hold our public officials accountable to their oath.

A systemic pattern and practice is being illuminated, that public servants believe that they can violate citizens rights, chill speech, confiscate personal materials absent a warrant, falsely imprison students, threaten, intimidate, coerce and worse, behind their secured walls.

As a Citizen I am opposed to the unchecked, unmonitored, and unpunished, unlawful actions of public servants and support the actions of sending notice to those in authority who violate their oath.

I have reviewed the Color Law Violation.

I have reviewed the Letter of Intent to Sue.

I agree that legal counsel (school solicitor) is functioning in a conflict of interest, and that they must recuse themselves from representing the school board and be admonished for their violation in service to the people.

I agree that is also unfathomable that public servants would act in complete defiance of their sworn authority in a contemptuous, mocking manner when they perpetrate and write unlawful policies.

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