School board meeting on 3/14/2022 was canceled under the direction of Detective O’Donnell and District Attorney Deb Ryan, alleging that I was a threat. No evidence has been produced of me being a threat.

I was going to attempt to speak at a public school board meeting on behalf of a number of concerned parents. Anonymity was required due to the countless retaliatory actions perpetrated by school officials and school board members against parents and children.

After receiving a fraudulent document in the mail, confirming no “criminal trespass warning” was on record, I had communicated with Pennsylvania State Troopers prior to arriving on 9/18/2022 in order to provide official service of a Federal Summons related to a Federal Complaint. I submitted to and unlawful arrest.

A campaign had begun of slander, defamation, libel, blackmail and extortion through several southeaster counties in Pennsylvania. In addition to the broadcasted mail campaign through USPS, my email address was being assigned to subscriptions and mailing lists of the most vile online sites imaginable.

The perpetrators chose to craft some horrible messaging against me and has been successful in disparaging my image, reputation and integrity, in the local community.

These documents are in the custody of various Local, State, and Federal entities to identify the parties who have perpetrated a number of inchoate crimes and Federal Crimes. I will not make any allegations to the identities or source of these documents. It is my understanding that the language has been found to be very similar to other communication found on social media and/or other public sites.

So, if it is happening to me, why wouldn’t it happen to you or your child?

Should I still be trying to hold these perpetrators accountable? Or, should I just accept that this is the result when we want venture out and attempt to assert our constitutional rights?

I would appreciate your Prayers, Support, or Encouragement.

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