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All Ebooks are Available inside the Private Membership Association along with the following library of lessons and teaching.

  • E-Book Expanding Collection
  • CC Presentations
  • Citizen Journalism Training
  • Inventory of Lessons and Zoom training
  • Virtue Continuum
  • Privacy and Security
  • Whonix
  • Online Safety for Kids
  • Hillsdale 1776 curriculum and podcasts
  • Protect Myself (recommended products page)
  • How reasonable does one need to be
  • Presentations/Vlog/Podcasts
  • Preliminary Hearing attorney materials
  • Wireless Invisible Dangers
  • Cyberbully First Aid kit
  • Internet Safety Rights and the Law
  • 1-2-3 Magic



Hopefully at this stage you have learned through other eBooks the precedent of Graham v Connor. This eBook would certainly be controversial to the 1st amendment auditors which proliferate TikTok and Youtube.  But, in the spirit of wanting to be part of the change which I desire in others, I believe that leading by example is an honorable approach.  This book is referenced in the Citizen Journalist – Training Guide as something that would be attached when communicating with public servants.  Is all about being respectful, informative and to assist them in making the lawful choices.

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