Modern Babylon

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A Modern Babylon/Cultural Contrarian member asked a question about statutes or policies which are contrary to the Constitution.
A discussion on how words have a defined meaning and a perceived meaning. Understanding how words are used and their purpose is important when dealing with those representing authority. We invite you to explore the deeper teachings of Cultural Contrarian @
I read through an interesting social experiment conducted back in the 70’s. Towards the end of the broadcast, I share some correlations from that experiment to the difference in worldview’s in society.
Affording some raw background which fuels my passion. To see what we have to offer, go to
This is an interesting, live story regarding a Starbucks store located directly next to a Pro-Life Center. The employees were expressing concern to their neighbor regarding stake signs promoting Free Ultra sounds. These signs were in clear visibility of the starbucks drive through. Cultural contrarian, took the opportunity to communicate with Starbucks management to aid...

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