During my interview on The Lancaster Patriot, Joel Saint and I had a brief back and forth conversation.  During that dialogue, Joel had asked me a question which I either did not hear properly at the time, or did not correctly speak clear enough.  That caused a brother to reach out to me to clarify my words.  We had a very positive encounter, and yes we did have points of disagreement but those were not salvation based.  I told this individual that I am not above reproach or rebuke and I listened to what he said and I am offering this response.

The message being received is that I was claiming that 40+ people are directly attacking me and that I had associated those attacks to a specific group of people.  I cannot apologize enough for that mischaracterization on my part, and I did not intend to claim that 40+ people, of a particular group are attacking me.  I did clarify a few things which I think are important for myself to clarify and others to understand.

A particular individual has in a social setting presented an “association” with a particular church.  I would not imply that this person is claiming any leadership position, a regular attender or having signed any membership agreement.  I was hearing, have heard and seen posts which would lead one to believe, that some type of association does or did exist.  Another individual in social settings has made very similar statements within my earshot, and had been repeated by others to me directly.  

I shared with the brother that for me hearsay, and disparaging comments against me are completely to be expected.  However, when they rise to the level of slander, libel and defamation written in public view, that has a more direct way of being addressed.

I prefer to refrain from discussing the details publicly regarding the specifics of written communication as that is being dealt with privately.  I did share with the brother that based upon his counsel, and his testimony, that nobody from a church body which he is associated is doing any of the things which we discussed.  I was totally willing to concede that as a honest and truthful statement. My response was that those who I am hearing about making statements against me, in public, who claim association with this brothers church body, I will assume those statements to be lies.  I will ignore any claims or utterances directly or through hearsay and will simply look for evidence of written words and determine my own path to deal with that if I choose.

I told the bother, that I have never had ill will nor ill intentions and that I definitely suffer with social communication issues and what I say can be different than what I intend.  I offered to repent and restore in a manner that is most helpful and I am sending this communication for his review, guidance and direction.

To those who believe that I was speaking to you directly, church leaders which felt you were being addressed, I had attempted to be clear that I desired Joel to speak directly to the pastors who have the school board in their flock.  I directly seek your forgiveness and ask what else I may do to be forgiven.  I don’t know anyone whom I may have personally, directly harmed, and am willing to privately consult if that is appropriate.