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This page is for educational purposes related to Federal Complaint Case # 22-3329. It is being provided to legal counsel included with the evidence submission on 11/10/2022. It will be made available to the public at any time at the option of Cultural Contrarian.

Respectfully, my desire has never been one to amass a volume of defendants and march them into Federal Court. This is most unfortunate and it is possible that you are representing a party which is involved in a very broad and widening conspiracy which has extended into many criminal violations against the Plaintiff.

I (Plaintiff) have never had ill will, ill intentions and my publicly posted, completely viewable commentary, videos, reveals the authenticity of my intentions, validated by my actions. Narratives to the contrary are just that, narratives of fabrication devoid of any evidence. If you are inquisitive to the nature of those postings, records, and the related time stamping of commentary, I will share this information “conditionally” for your own discovery.

Cultural Contrarian has created a substantial educational archive specifically for individuals within the Cultural Contrarian Private Membership Association. All members have signed and agreed to the Agreement.


The Agreement specifically excludes membership from certain individuals, entities or representatives. Members are precluded from copying, sharing or reproducing information provided by Cultural Contrarian or anything © Copyright protected produced by Cultural Contrarian. Cultural Contrarian is willing to extend to counsel, for the purpose of assisting their clients, access to this material. It has been well established that Cultural Contrarian, and the Plaintiff intend to provide this content publicly for educational and instructive purposes to assist private citizens and public employees in attempt to lessen the divisive gap between the two classes of individuals.
By opting in to receive this archive, you are agreeing to abide by the covenants of the Agreement, and Cultural Contrarian has provided a waiver to this archive only, and it is not granting access to any other information created by Cultural Contrarian.

** Completing the Check Out process is signifying agreement to the Agreement and its limitations. **

Plaintiff’s sharing of this information here is providing more evidence of consistency to the public of Plaintiffs intentions in contrast to how he has been interacting with public servants. Here are just a few public areas for you to review: Modern Babylon Podcast and Cultural Contrarian Tik Tok Channel.

As attempting to be free citizens in a society which leads that authoritarians are in control and ones freedom is only granted through the permission of those representing authority, being free is a risky proposition. Most citizens have not understand the complex nature of the law, our branches of government and our duty’s as citizens. Nor do they understand the multitude of protections afforded those who represent authority. As the plaintiff I desired to model the efforts that are required to be free, and document for educational purposes the degree of preparedness for any citizen who desires to be free. While the plaintiff is advocating for himself, and on behalf of other harmed citizens, his efforts have been to capture as much information as possible to help inform others.

Any reasonable professional would acknowledge that document control, management and organization require a certain skill set, knowledge of organizational and retrieval tools to manage an endeavor culminating in the Federal Complaint in which you are involved. Further, a reasonable person would acknowledge that such talents in the open marketplace garner a reasonable wage which would be a bit more than a Starbucks barista. The validation to that in the legal profession would be when a School Board Member sends an email to a School Solicitor, the resulting communication response will include a bill commensurate with the research and the time to respond.

As a Pro Se plaintiff, I will not be approaching the court for reimbursement of legal fees as I am not a lawyer and I would only be requesting the out of pocket expenses for the hard costs related to plaintiffs case expenses. It shouldn’t be unreasonable for the court to attribute some cost as no labor is actually without some offsetting expense. I recently uploaded a file of exhibits related to the complaint which is a matter of public record.

I specifically state public record, as I desire all of my communications regarding these events to be instructional, educational, accessible and consumable to the public. It has been my contention that the burden placed upon the we the people is significantly overwhelming to such an extent that we have limited hope to hold any public official accountable to their sworn oath and duties. If you had an opportunity to listen to any of my messaging, I place this issue at the feet of we the people having abandoned our post as the 4th branch of government. We the people have remained silent, as laws, supreme court rulings, and yes policy, through enforcement have forced us into a relationship with authority which is strictly permission based.

Where out history of resisting tyrannical acts began with a band of brothers, boarding a naval vessel (The Beaver) to retrieve boxes of Tea and dispose of them in Boston Harbor. The motivations behind that act were many, but one was related to demonstrate opposition to a 2% tax. Today, citizens are silent as our Federal Government hired 87,000 additional revenue collectors, who many will be equipped and trained with fire arms.

I want the public to see how much effort is required in an attempt to hold public officials accountable to their sworn oath and their duties. I also will continue to have communication I deem relevant, available to the public at any such time as I desire to be prudent. My words, actions and intentions have never indicated any similarity to previous historical events. Merely to stand tall on one unalienable rights, in truth and attempt to correct the mis-statements, misrepresentations and mischaracterizations of those who represent authority as SCOTUS has instructed us all.

This page is to memorialize not only my intentions but to demonstrate my consistency in how I prefer to communicate. The file I uploaded is raw data or exhibits. It will be the responsibility of the legal professionals to extract that information as it relates to their potential client. However, I have a separate archive, with additional evidence, that is prepared to be available to the public, at a future date as more exhibits. This includes audio, video files, screen shots of messages, email records and much, much more. Below is a short video of what this archive looks like. I also have a separate archive specific to the criminal actions resulting in my unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, and documenting the preliminary hearing process and more.

If you are interested in the broader context, beyond the posted exhibits and a correlation of the events as they transpired I am willing to extend this archive to you. It simply requires an acknowledgement that the effort to collect, manage and construct this information in a cohesive presentation has value. Just for giggles, assume it has a combined manhour investment in excess of 4000 hours. I am respectful of your professions service, and billing rates and would never attempt to negotiate that value. I have assigned a reasonable value commensurate with the time, talent and experience to create this archive. By no means is gaining access obligatory at all. I am merely attempting to be reasonable to your practice and your clients to improve efficiency for you on behalf of your client. My offer is, what it is.

It is not reasonable to expect anyone to gain access to this content as it would be my understanding that billing your clients to do your own research, RTKL requests and case management may be more profitable for your practice.

Note: This archive is built with the educational fore thought to be completely available to the public. While it may not have the fine tuned marketing for educating the masses, that will be left for later.

I will be offering access to this information for only 15 days from the date I post the evidence on pacer on the Federal Complaint document files.

I am hopeful as this moves forward that you will better experience my unusual approach to this Federal Complaint as a Pro Se litigant.

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When provided to the public, the button will have a different transaction value, but the messaging tied to the transaction will not be altered to demonstrate how CC provided access to interested parties.

(Note: CC anticipates that no donations will be made by any legal counsel to gain access to this information and others can discern the decisions of the legal profession on behalf of their clients related to CC attempting to be transparent and “reasonable”)

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