Introduction to Petition

Cultural Contrarian has been advocating for themselves and assisting interested others on how to be free. The journey for certain has not been easy by any stretch of ones imagination. We live in a social media, impulsive, distracted, 30 second stop the scroll, cut and paste world. This distraction fuels the brain chemistry to encourage people they are “doing something” which indeed touching a screen and clicking is action, but is it “meaningful” action.

It is near impossible to provide a 30 second clip on what action is necessary and yes, required. And for that reason alone, Cultural Contrarian is relegated to the fractional percentage of a possible discerning audience. However, even though the audience is small, we strive to teach others what being free looks like.

One area of focus is advocating for the young children. Giving a voice to the voiceless, by reaching parents and guardians who have elected to allow the public education system to replace the parental role. This may sound harsh, and it is not intended to be, but we speak about this more appropriately inside of our Private Membership Association.

But, before you jump to that, this is about a PETITION.

Inside of our PMA, the advocacy to hold public officials accountable is well documented, demonstration how public officials have not been reasonable and have chosen to allow the United States Federal District Court to be the path for determination. For those in our PMA, they have witnessed each step of this process and have been awakened to a process which has alarmed them all. We invite you to see just a part of this process.

First, on 1/24/2022, an individual provided official service, to elected board members, of a Color of Law Violation. This was a lawful warning to cease and desist their deprivation of citizens rights, in violation of their sworn oath and duties. This warning was ignored, and for several weeks, the board continued to violate citizens rights.

On 3/21/2022 a citizen attempted to stand on their rights, and was unlawfully, criminally trespassed from a School Board Meeting.

On 3/30/2022, the school board was presented a Letter of Intent to Sue

On 4/11/2022, the school board stated that they engaged the school solicitor (for a private legal matter), to advise them what to do. The school solicitor, (functioning under a conflict of interest) allegedly advised the board to do nothing. Here are the words directly stated by the school board president during a public school board meeting (Recorded Session, time stamp 15:11)

It is not possible to correct the volume of misrepresentations presented to the public during this meeting (We will cover this in our private podcasts)

We have drafted a PETITON that we invite you to review, and determine if you support holding public officials accountable and supporting the effort to protect our children within public education.