If you have found out about our recent Deprivation of Rights, filing with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania we wanted to provide a means for anyone to do some investigation.

If you would like to review the case, it is a matter of public record, filed under Case No. xxxxxxx. You can easily obtain a copy through the Courts or through a Freedom of Information Act request through the court. If you desire a more expedient path to the filing, you can (click here) to download a copy.

If you desire to do some background investigation regarding Cultural Contrarian, and the Plaintiff, there is a fair amount available in the public domain. To offer some efficiency for interested parties, I offer a few links for you to explore.

Modern Babylon Podcast

Give Send Go Page

Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

Cultural Contrarian and the Plaintiff, have repeatedly attempted to reach out to the legal profession, the media, individuals who on social media, to share the burdens of being a free citizen and what is required to hold public officials accountable. Unfortunately, those efforts were never fruitful.

It is near impossible to predict the public visibility of the lawsuit being filed. It most certainly would be impossible to circumvent the construction of false narratives or even hold accountable a 4th estates pattern and practice of fabrication of any action which doesn’t align with their ideology.

The Plaintiff had forever, wanted to have a more visible voice. However, the power of censorship is immense, DNS attacks are frequent and threats are a common occurrence. Being Free is not for the meek and requires courage. Cultural Contrarian and the Plaintiff have zero ability to claim freedom for anyone other than themselves. Petitions, emails, phone calls, sidewalk protests, an election vote, are the tools citizens have been lied to about what they can do, to seek the change they desire.

If you desire to speak to CulturalContrarian, or the Plaintiff, that can be done by making a public donation on his Give Send Go account. Cultural Contrarian makes no offer, nor promise to engage with any contributor. However, if you desire to schedule a conversation, please fill out (link to form).

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