Failure to plan is a plan of certain failure. Cultural Contrarian began with the end in mind. Where is that? In FEDERAL COURT.

The journey taken by Cultural Contrarian didn’t just happen, it has been years in research, study and practical application. Desiring to sprint through the process to arrive at How do we do this, must begin with knowing what I’m doing. And this is where people disengage.


Is the Constitution truly alive? The answer is NO.

It is only alive to those who don’t consent to unlawful restrictions and choose to attempt to stand free.

If you want the quick look, it’s not so quick.

Watch through the playlist to get up to speed.

If you want a sequence of events with some educational value, open an incognito window and watch TikTok (don’t download the app).

My TikTok Channel

This journey cannot be distilled into simple action steps, document flow chart, pivot tables, or a gannt chart. It requires knowing that effort is required and the first effort is a desire to unlearn the “should’s” and live in the world of what “is”.

I am willing to arrange a zoom, or even speak publicly to share my experience. Beyond that, I have retreated into the domain of my Private Membership Association where citizens have made their own choice to learn.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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