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The information contained in our eBook collection is difficult to distill in an easily digestible summary as the topics overlap and are interconnected, but I will do my best to help provide some context.

Privacy – The only expectation of privacy is when we as individuals create privacy. This eBook provides you the many aspects of our lives where we believe we have privacy, where none actually exist. Just imagine, you might have thought you had privacy in a bathroom or locker room, but that no longer exists. Learn how to uses tools, technology fortified by behavior to begin reclaiming privacy and create a shield of Artificial Intelligence creating an avatar of you to technologically extort money from you.

ADA – The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the most powerful laws to reclaim your rights for your children when you consented to “in loco parentis” in public education. This eBook is intended to introduce the power of the ADA available to those who are unaware that as parents you are aids and encouragement to minor children to be entitled to nondiscriminatory policies and claim your constitutional rights. Learn the basics then determine your own path consent or demand your child’s rights to a Free and Appropriate Education.

Child Internet Safety – Explore the hidden dangers associated with placing an internet connected device into the hands of a minor child. Not only learn how to protect your child, protect yourself from what lurks behind the digital umbilical cord of life. From the phishing, spyware, identity theft, avatar targeting, and tools to establish security and privacy.

The Delusion of Freedom – A red pill of sorts to explore your own understanding about what Freedom means to you, and measure ones own awareness of deciding to consent, comply or agree to conditions and why saying “no” is not a realistic goal for most people. Saying “no” might be a desire or an ideal, but is not a reasonable expectation for our own life let alone should be expected by anyone. Until, they actually stand and say and follow through on meaning “no”.

Accountability and Transparency & Citizen Journalism Training Guide – Breaking down the illusion that public officials have any obligation or duty to be transparent or accountable. The only way We The People can “demand” accountability and transparency is when a public servant:

  • Has acted in their “private person capacity” (pierced qualified immunity).
  • Are named as an individual, in their private person as a “defendant” in a lawsuit.
  • Lawsuit must be filed by a private citizen, representing themselves.
  • Litigated in a Federal Complaint, In a Federal Court (Article 3 Court)

The steps to accomplish this are not taught in school nor to lawyers, it is an individual journey which has been designed to be difficult. Supreme Court precedent has forged the castle walls and moat to prevent citizens from storming the castle. A citizen benefits from knowing the rules of the game, and the bias of the referee’s. The Citizen Journalism Guide is an educational path for learning how our constitutional rights can be exercised to learn the rules, play within the rules, to avoid retaliation if one desires to be free and hold public officials accountable.

Jurisdiction, what is it? – We have often heard the term and even may have heard about individuals who have challenged “jurisdiction” be labeled some pretty derogatory names by the SPLC and even our Federal Government entities. This book is not diving into the details of that particular sphere of education, nor making any statements for or against such type of efforts. But, understanding the different jurisdictions is important and where we may actually be engaged in commerce, contracts, or conversations is part of informed consent. But, being “informed” is a centered goal and not any obligation that requires any entity to meet some standard of “informing” anyone. Learn about the different jurisdictions and where they exist and when you enter them.

Policy Schmolicy – We The People have constitutional rights, but often submit to codes, ordinances, statutes, policies, guidelines, acts without really knowing if we have an obligation to submit, consent or comply. This is another area where many live based upon the way one believes things “should” function, in contrast to the way the way things actually function. It often an area of spirited debate based upon logical examples, but rarely should anyone apply logical reasoning to a bureaucracy. This book overlaps with The Delusion of Freedom, Love Thy Neighbor and many of our other eBooks.

Chaos does not create utopia – This eBook is a gentle examination of the ideological battle happening related to differing political worldviews typically divided among party lines. An intellectual examination into critical thinking, sound reasoning, and the laws of logic. This attempt to present philosophical, intellectual and emotional differences afford the reader to determine their own foundation to claim something to be morally righteous and true and determine is morality is relative, conditional and has no objective standard for good or bad. The topics presented in this eBook provide context and clarity for reviewing the other eBooks.

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