I am a Pro Se Plaintiff in a federal lawsuit (Case #22-3329) against a local school board for Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.  The case was filed on 8/18/2022. When attempting to provide service on 9/19/2022 I submitted to an unlawful arrest for the false allegation of Defiant Trespass after warning. I have documented numerous additional crimes which occurred after my initial filing which most recently include blackmail, extortion and witness tampering via USPS communication (inter-state).  I have been granted leave by the court to submit an amended complaint by 6/23 and will be requesting leave today to file a supplemental complaint for the same day (6/23).  The defendants (including our County District Attorney) have been denied qualified immunity. A Pretrial Conference is scheduled for 6/21 in Philadelphia (which I anticipate being delayed). I have documented these events beginning back from 10/2021 predicting the behavior of public servants when they act under Color of Law, and the burden associated with a Citizen to stand free on their constitutional rights.

I can share a link  to my youtube channel which has a playlist of certain events.

My criminal trial related to my unlawful arrest has also been documented, and currently is anticipating that the DA’s office will fail to produce discovery items requiring the Public Defender to Compel the DA to produce.  The Public Defender is following my Federal  Case and has been informed of the blackmail, extortion, slander and defamation.  I have provided a sliver of evidence to the Federal Court to expose these actions as a function to obtain a delay to produce my amended and supplemental complaint.

I have a portion of videos on To email:

If you want to speak to me privately, send an email and I will exchange contact information

My Name is John Ryan Miller (Ryan)

I am deeply involved in working directly with local law enforcement who are leading the investigation and will be filing criminal charges for those responsible for causing my family harm and more.  I also have the USPS investigating the crimes which went through the Postal Service.

You can view the progress of my case, through Pacer and I am totally willing to  provide any clarification or details if you are interested.

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