Deprivation of Rights

The citizens within a local School District, continued to be deprived of their constitutional rights under color of law, will be brought into the sunshine.

Please take a moment to watch the video below, for a brief summary, overview of a law abiding citizen, attempting to advocate for the citizens in a small rural community. The premeditated conspiracy, to silence just 3 minutes of speech wound up involving 87 public servants, to silence one individual.

You freedom cannot be claimed by the actions of another. Being free requires standing free.

The messaging of Cultural Contrarian is one that will certainly be characterized as divisive. To that allegation, I would 100% agree. From a biblical perspective, doctrine is the basis which Christianity has been “divided” into multiple denominations. From a citizen perspective, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, are the governmental equivalent to Christian doctrine. The division for We The People is very simple, you want the rights and protections of the Constitution, or you don’t. Cultural Contrarian and those that support the CC messaging align with a more articulate understanding of Romans 13 relationship between the authority of government, and the role of citizens.

Cultural Contrarian embraces and supports the role of government when it provides protection, security, and services to the non-evil doers, and chastise, correct and penalize the evil doers. Cultural Contrarian also accepts the rule of law, the legislative process and the function of the Supreme Court, including the SCOTUS precedent and direction to direct citizens. The challenge few choose to ignore, is what happens when the evil doers are now part of the Government?

Cultural Contrarian has a high degree of respect and appreciation for those who chose a path of public service, who faithfully execute their duties, at the mere pleasure of the private citizens, in honor of their oath. Any narrative contrary to that statement, would be complete fabrication and devoid of any evidence.

Cultural Contrarian invites anyone, who believes that our Constitution is still alive, to join our journey, with complete transparency, to see, what is expected and even required of anyone, to hold our public officials accountable to their sworn duties in honor of their sworn oath.

Cultural Contrarian will make no prediction, and the Plaintiffs violations, are simply being presented, following the path laid out by the Supreme Court, for every citizen to follow. Do I seek justice? Justice is not mine. Ultimate justice is determined on the other side of the veil. Cultural Contrarian is simply bringing the violations into the system created for we the people, and allow the system to make its own determination. Without regard to the result, this learning is important for everyone.

If you want to learn more about Cultural Contrarian, we created this video to help provide some clarity.

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