Cultural Contrarian and Faith Freedom Ministries (FFM)

Faith Freedom Ministries has been expressing an interest in the resources provided within the Cultural Contrarian Private Membership Association (PMA). Due to current circumstances, the Cultural Contrarian (PMA) has been closed down and is only open based upon referral, invitation or direct communication with the founder via email (

The reasoning behind this is directly related to recent events, in conjunction with a significant Federal Complaint residing in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Federal Court. However, Cultural Contrarian is willing to provide a beginning path of learning, until such time that the PMA might reopen.

All of Cultural Contrarian’s educational materials are copyright protected (© Cultural Contrarian 2022, All Rights Reserved) and cannot be shared, distributed or publicly presented according to Copyright laws.

Cultural Contrarian is making several of the eBooks available to Faith Freedom Ministries. To ensure the Privacy and Protection of the Cultural Contrarian materials, prior to purchase, one must review and affirm the private membership association agreement. The general terms, to gain access to the PMA stand and the Membership Fees are not required. The materials provided will be governed by the spirit and intent of the Cultural Contrarian PMA and the pricing provided is a limited time offer to the FFM PMA only (existing members).

List of eBooks:

Getting Started Package

  • Love Thy Neighbor
  • Delusion of Freedom
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • What is your expectation of privacy
  • Keeping your family safe online (Parent Dome / Privacy)
  • Chaos does not create Utopia

Total Package is: ($500.00) – [For your PMA I am willing to offer a 25% discount = $375.00)

Special Offer

*Note: For those associated with FFM who attended or supported Cultural Contrarian at a a public presentation, Cultural Contrarian has provided an additional discount for the listed items, and has added the eBook of all his educational posts on Facebook as a single glance resource. Reach out to FFM members for the coupon code.

If you are interested in the “Getting Started Package” just send an email, with a signed affirmation of the PMA Agreement to Cultural Contrarian. You will receive a link to purchase the eBooks at a discounted price of $375.00

Note: This package cannot be purchased and donated to any individual who has not affirmed the PMA Agreement.

CAUTION: I am a single person operation which has many challenges. I strive to get out information as quickly as possible. If you tune into any of my channels Facebook, Podcast, etc., you will notice that my editorial prowess is definitely challenged. I speak to that, to afford people some clarity to the separation between my cognitive abilities and those that are manifest in writing. Basically, I have zero ability to edit and rely upon others to assist me in moving apostrophes, my typo’s or any other magnitude of writing challenges. It is an affliction which my mind cannot overcome and that is part of the lonely and challenging parts tied to neuro-divergence.

I am not interested in directly soliciting FFM existing members to join the CC PMA. Any data collected on FFM members acquiring CC materials, will be in a separate archive, and not co-mingled with any other offerings provided by Cultural Contrarian PMA.

Clicking the following link indicates you have reviewed and affirmed the Cultural Contrarian Private Membership Agreement, and an affirmation letter will be sent via email to

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