CC Can Teach, but cannot Learn for Others

Cultural Contrarian is continuing to advocate on behalf of private citizens harmed by the unconstitutional and unlawful actions of private citizens acting in the capacity as School Board Officials and yes Law Enforcement. Some have had an opportunity to do a little research on the Federal Complaint Case #22-3329 and read through that filing.

When attempting to provide official service to defendants, public servants perpetrated additional crimes to harm CC (Plaintiff). Some of which people have been able to view on TikTok or even visit YouTube.

Recently, the Plaintiff provided an Addendum to the case to document the continuing unlawful activities by Public Servants.

Now here is the funny part. On my social channels I have documented a growing volume of nefarious actors, spying, screen shotting and gathering public intelligence. Well, I am a reasonable person, and my public communication has always been with the mission of transparency and educational.

But, I want to separate the voyeurs, spectators, trolls, from those which have an actual interest in “learning” about the Law and our Constitutionally Protected Rights. You know, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.

So, for those who have interest in truly learning, well I provide a simple path. Just go to CC’s Page on Facebook and interact with CC. If you can convince CC that you are a supporter and don’t have nefarious intentions, CC will provide access to the Addendum with a modest donation. Or, you can always pay the fee to gain access to the court filings.

If you one of those less than honorable and transparent people, no problem, CC will give you access to0. You just have to make a contribution for CC’s advocacy for citizen spectators.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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