Presentation to the board

Good evening. I have previously attended a school board meeting where the school board unanimously violated my civil rights by demanding that I surrender my 4th amendment protection to exercise my 1st amendment right to redress my elected officials. I voluntarily surrendered that right, took a moment to speak to the board. It is curious, that the context of my speech was suspiciously redacted by the recording secretary, to eliminate the nature of my concerns. Concluding that discussion on 1/24, a Color of Law violation was presented to notify all board members to cease violating citizens rights. Subsequent to that presentation, all public meetings have demonstrated continued constitutional violations. I am affording them a final opportunity to honor their oath and construct a 903 policy revision which is lawful. It is possible that they may attempt to violate my rights after this warning and attempt to further act unlawfully and make threats to my person with violence or unlawful trespassing from public property based upon my attempt to speak. I wanted to capture this message for all citizens so they knew what I was attempting to present to the board if they attempt to violate my rights. My presence this evening is a culmination of a well documented history of attempting to be reasonable with public officials. Beginning with the school board, local security, law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, the attorney generals office and yes the State Troopers. I took a very professional and respectful approach to ensure all involved the opportunity to be reasonable and informed of the unlawful actions taking place within the Octorara School Board. Only One board member has gone on the record to objecting to the actions, enforcement and policy and modifications which are unconstitutional. All other individuals, with no record of objection and continuing to violate their oath are now, not protected by qualified immunity and acting in their personal capacity. They will be placed under citizen arrest under 18 USC 241, 242, 42 USC 1983, along with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Title 18 Crimes under 4902, 4903, 4905, 4906, 4911, 4912, 4952, 4953, 5203 and 5508

18 § 4902 Perjury

18 § 4903 False swearing

18 § 4905 False alarm

18 § 4906 False report to law enforcement

18 § 4911 Tampering with public records

18 § 4912 Impersonating a public servant

18 § 4952 Intimidation of witness or victim

18 § 4953 Retaliation against witness

18 § 5303 Disorderly Conduct

18 § 5508 Disrupting meetings and processions

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