Ask Charlie Kirk

Question for Charlie Kirk.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to listen to Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA Speak at Freedom Life Church. My wife and I chose to attend to support his mission in drawing attention to the importance of standing on a Biblical Worldview as part of seeking and discerning truth.

My wife and I enjoyed his thoughts and interaction with the audience. As I quietly whispered my affirmations and points of clarity to Charlie’s points I was pleased with his overall intentions.

Towards the end of the presentation, a time was afforded for about 10 people to ask some questions. As I moved to stand inline, my wife tightened her grasp and glanced at me. It was here indication to me, “not now sweetie.” As I trust my wife’s discernment, and her decades of wisdom of her husband, I remained in my seat.

After the event I had a brief moment to interact with some friends and had a post meeting conversation with one individual in particular. This person said “we were waiting for you to stand up and say something.” Well, good, bad or indifferent, I didn’t take that opportunity and Charlie was not available afterwards for a 1 on 1 discussion. So, if you are wondering what I would have said, I put it here for those who were curious.

Charlie, I am totally willing to surrender my 4th amendment, to exercise my 1st, to interact with you. My name is Ryan Miller and I want to thank you for expressing your thoughts through your voice today and the recommendations for people to get involved through reading and getting involved. I would want to suggest that your representation that your characterization of an audience of 200+ people that 5% being involved was charitable. Assume that being involve requires standing free in objection of voluntary compliance based upon intimidation, threats, duress, coercion and violence. How would you suggest combating the legitimate fear of public servants when they have qualified immunity which is a legal protection from their lies, transparency and accountability?”

And that folks is what I would want to hear his response.

Oh hi there 👋 It’s nice to meet you.

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