Anthony doesn’t need to respond.

I strongly discourage anyone from attempting to reason with individuals who refuse to be reasonable or engage in any civil discourse.  I am willing to go through this exercise of futility with this individual and provide a degree of clarity which are based upon evidence in  contrast to claims or beliefs.

I am providing a word for word copy of Mr. Fox’s claims and assertions and my personal opinion in contrast to Mr. Fox’s narrative, belief and opinions. My responses will be in italics.

Recently, Mr. Anthony Falgiatore was interviewed for a Lancaster Patriot podcast with Mr. John Miller. For those not familiar, Falgiatore serves as a school board director for the Octorara Area School District and is seeking re-election. Miller is awaiting trial for charges of criminal trespass and possession of a weapon on school grounds following his arrest in Sep 2022.

Mr. Fox enjoys presenting to the public that the Pennsylvania State Police acted as the enforcers of Policy and criminalizing a law abiding citizen.  The superintendent created a fraudulent letter in an attempt to fabricate “probable cause”.  The law, when evaluated by the court, may perceive this document as a false report to law enforcement.  Mr. Fox has attempted to make legal representations to the public which is the unlawful practice of law.  Mr. Fox is ignorant of Constitutional Rights of citizens and the requirements of the 14th amendment regarding due process. His recent pronouncement about Mr. Miller not accepting the plea agreement appears to be an attempt to make additional characterizations of Mr. Miller.

Miller and Falgiatore sat side-by-side for the podcast.

This is a correct observation that Mr. Miller and Mr. Falgiatore did sit side by side.

The Lancaster Patriot podcast host is Chris Hume and he is joined by Joel Saint, pastor of Independence Reform Bible Church.

This is also a correct reference to the Podcast participants. It is my representation that Chris Hume and Joel Saint are having discussions from a biblical perspective and all of Mr. Fox’s comments are from the position that the State sits as a much higher above God, Christ, or Scripture. It is possible that Mr. Fox would disagree with that claim, but I can only measure his actions which, In my opinion, are devoid of any biblical oversight or accountability. My personal goal (back in October of 2021) was to have a public discussion to open the doors for a community based, interactive, private discussion.  However, I was never provided the opportunity to present that message without being criminalized.

Falgiatore’s participation should disqualify him from further service as a director for a public school as evidenced by his lack of response in the following sample comments from the podcast.

This may not be obvious to Mr. Fox, or even the general public. The board nor the School District employees have such a power according to the law.  The law puts that power in the hands of the citizens. It is completely transparent that Mr. Fox is using his platform, his influence as a board director and the power of the public record to advance political goals.  Very plainly, he is advocating for the citizens to not vote for Mr. Falgiatore. My opinion, Mr. Fox has been successful in that crusade and I have repeatedly stated that the Board doesn’t deserve Mr. Falgiatore’s advocacy and the constituents seem to align with that view as well.  I personally pray that Mr. Falgiatore is not voted to a board seat. I am not ashamed to say the manner in which the board is communicating to affect that goal should be an example as to what happens to other citizens who engage the Octorara School Board.

Of concern are the following points discussed in the interview when Falgiatore is silent. Given his lack of response, should the voters in this upcoming election assume Falgiatore agrees with the below?

Perpetuating the silence is a consent or agreemen?. Structuring a particular narrative is a typical political strategy. One only needs to review the public postings of Mr. Fox regarding Moms for Liberty and his ignoring engaging of a post from Shannon Grady. Due to the ongoing legal matters involving a number of defendants, silence is prudent not an indication of affirmation or disagreement with any claim or assertion.

Mr. Fox himself was silent when Mr. Falgiatore directly informed the board that slanderous, libelous, defamatory and extortion letters were sent via the United States Postal Service.  The direct question was posed, does any board member have any knowledge of who may be responsible for sending those letters. If they have any information they should inform Detective Juisti.  Detective Juisti has received no communication from any board member regarding those letters.  Thus, according to the logic of Mr. Fox, silence means that nobody has any knowledge regarding those letters.  I have my own thoughts regarding that request and lack of response and the possible implications tied to silence. I could correlate the message Mr. Falgiatore presented to the board in his private person role in providing notice of cease and desist which was obviously ignored.

At 2:50 Miller says, “Under Merrick Garland there’s a huge cabal to silence parents that are not positioned to the ideology of the state.”

This is a factually true statement which has a plethora of evidence for those who are willing to spend the time to seek truth. But, when the truth is in contradiction to a particular narrative, ideology or political goal it must be ignored.  Mr. Fox has no desire to engage and prefers to pontificate.

Falgiatore fails to provide any statement or objection to Miller’s wild accusation about our public school system.

Mr. Falgiatore has no obligation to object to any statements made by Mr. Miller as Mr. Fox has no obligation to engage with Mr. Miller.

At 8:50 Joel Saint uses an Animal Farm analogy that seems to draw the parallel that our school is turning kids away from their parents.

Mr. Fox appears to dislike Mr. Saint’s analogy and is confirming his ignorance in what is actually happening in public schools.  Parental rights do not exist within the contract of In Loco Parentis. Parent’s have a voice at school board meetings? If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  The board doesn’t listen to parents, and they certainly do not provide a meaningful, actionable response.

Falgiatore does nothing to inform him despite his several years on the board.

Mr. Fox continues his narrative of expectation of communication by Mr. Falgiatore.  Mr. Fox is an utter hypocrite and has a practice of gaslighting Mr. Falgiatore or anybody who may disagree with his beliefs.  I would provide an observation (not a clinical one) that this is a character structure element of Mr. Fox . We all have different character structures. As individuals (outside of therapy) we may not be aware of how those are manifest when interacting with others. Some character structures when grouped together have challenges in self awareness and sometimes burdens placed on others. No rational individual, premeditatedly desires to emotionally harm another. Unfortunately, for some it is a subconscious act. Calling attention to subconscious behavior is a dangerous path for certain individuals. Anticipating a reaction or response to be rational or proportionate is part of life experience and study. I leave it up to the reader to determine if the energy invested by Mr. Fox is reasonable, rational in contrast to the others on the board or any other defendant. Ask yourself this question. Has any board member engaged Mr. Fox to say “Hey, don’t you think it’s time to just let this get resolved in the court?”

Speaking for myself, Saint’s statement is unequivocally false. From my experience, the public school in no way wants to turn kids away from their parents. In fact, the school very much wants parent engagement. Joel Saint does not seem to have the facts about public schools.

It is wise that Mr. Fox speak for himself. It would be wise if others could speak for themselves, instead of allow Mr. Fox to control the microphone and leadership decisions of a passive, silent board.  It is here that I want to state that the defendants should (and I would suggest) obtain private counsel.  It appears that Mr. Fox in coordination with Jason Confair is making decisions for all defendants.  If the defendants continue all linked to that engine, they are avoiding their own ability to engage in settlement discussions.  I personally have great concern for the position that the board has left defendant Jeff Curtis. It is my belief that Mr. Curtis has not been informed, nor aware of his particular risk and how the defendants may leave him holding a big weight and they will let him hold it alone.

Mr. Fox has no knowledge of Pastor Joel Saint’s knowledge about public schools and I submit he has no interest in even exploring his claim.

At 10:10 Chris Hume, referring to the public school system, says, “This whole thing needs to be abolished.”

Mr. Fox is fine to disagree with Chris Hume’s opinion and those which may have similar opinions. I would just offer that the statistical increase of LGBTQ (which has chemical, surgical or psychological interventions), within public education could be contrasted with the data of private education or home school and possibly meaningful data could emerge.

After hearing this astounding call to abolish public schools, Falgiatore again says nothing in response. Why should Falgiatore serve on the school board if he says nothing while hearing it should be abolished?

What is the obsession or expectation that Mr. Fox has regarding placing some obligatory response with Mr. Falgiatore?  If you haven’t noticed that this appears to be a recurring theme of Mr. Fox’s communication?  Has anyone wondered why no other board member has invested a similar amount of energy focusing on Mr. Falgiatore or Mr. Miller on social media?  

At 10:45 Miller says to Hume and Saint “I’m on your guys’ side, that… get the kids out of the system. Get them off the yellow bus to hell.”

Mr. Miller’s statement was personal and directed to Chris Hume as the “Yellow bus to hell” is related to the writings and public speaking by Chris Hume. It is true, that the “Yellow bus to hell” can be a personal claim by Mr. Miller related to his own public school experience.  

Falgiatore again says nothing. His silence seems to indicate acceptance.

Is anyone beginning to pick-up this continuing projection by Mr. Fox on how people are expected to conduct themselves according to his view or beliefs?  If one doesn’t do things the way he wants, expects, it results in this repetitive narrative?  I am certain that those who consume his writings are of the same mental philosophy and would align with this type of communication.  I experienced it personally  on social media and am pushed to resolve the behavior again through civil, legal remedies.

At about 12:00 Falgiatore finally starts to comment in the interview. From the start though he fails in his thinking as he talks about our visitor comment policy – which has been ruled as constitutional – see my post from Sep 7.

This is a bone which Mr. Fox enjoy’s keeping his teeth deeply sunk into.  I have provided context of how the Judge is responding to this representation and Mr. Fox will eventually learn that this particular tact in argument will not be resolved on social media.  

It’s downhill from there and the podcast is a waste of its 70+ minute duration.

This is an appropriate comment from someone who has elevated the State above the worship of God. I believe that bible based, believing Christians, would have a different interpretation of Romans 13 which would align with Matt Trewhella’s “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.” But, with the actions, words, and evidence of Mr. Fox, I can’t attribute him to having read that book or to be a student of scripture either. I actually think I might need to soften this criticism, in that I have no knowledge of Mr. Fox’s spiritual journey, what church leadership he sits under, or the information in which he shares with others through accountability. But, if those things exist, I question who is speaking biblical truth in love to Mr. Fox and would like to meet those individuals.

Falgiatore’s participation in this discussion should exclude him from any further role on the Octorara school board.

Mr. Fox’s attempt to politically impact the future of Mr. Falgiatore on a school board has been very successful.  Reprehensible, but certainly successful. This is particularly why I have no desire for Anthony to return to Octorara School District as a board director.  I personally view that the character of Mr. Falgiatore is not requested by the board nor the constituents and the public school system will deliver the product which the State requires, not that which the Parent’s desire.

Please plan your vote on November 7th.

Absolutely, vote for depravity, get the results of depravity.