Welcome to Cultural Contrarian

Educator, speaker, presenter and advocate for Constitutionally Free Living.

As one of the country‚Äôs most unrecognized but powerful educational resources for teaching citizens to be free. Cultural Contrarian’s (CC)’s messaging is just beginning to become more visible. Previously vanished from the woke, cancel culture, ad hominem, rage laden society. The silicon valley, impenetrable, unaccountable invisible elites. Driving employees to manipulate keyboards into silence, deny, censor, shadow ban or even as far as deplatforming of Contrarian’s voice to the state’s ideological bidding. Yes, CC is a rewards member of FB equitable, incarceration camps. Dorseyesque troll bots, and even the fanciful, social media recognition, of pinned, Fact-Checking defamatory opinions.

But, even with the power of the elites, silencing the deplorables, the power of the 1st amendment still has some limited penetration to communicate.

If you desire to learn more how we have transitioned from a Constitutional Republic which enumerate the rights from the divine (the document didn’t create rights) to ensure freedom. To a society of division between us (we the people) and them (the actors funded by the state) where process, procedure and protections are the shield that defends any sword thrust of any John Q. Citizen seeking accountability, transparency or even seeks truth. The 9 unelected, absolute immunitized, life-time appointed throne occupiers have put their collective bodies on the scales of justice. Graham v Connor, Frazier v Cupp, Terry v Ohio, are just a few of their atrocities against we the people, but the people never knew and most choose not to know.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”