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Extortion, Slander, Libel, Defamation against Police Officer? Tell me it isn’t so.

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Context for Investigative Journalists:

A citizen is taking on a local school board in federal district court, alleging multiple civil rights violations including the silencing of free speech under the first amendment.  The plaintiff is representing himself (pro se) in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (case #22-3329).  Defendants include school board members, school district employees, and even the district attorney, none of which have been granted qualified immunity by the judge, despite their motions requesting it.  The plaintiff merely attempted to speak for three minutes during public comment time during a normal school board meeting, but was silenced and trespassed from public property by officials violating their sworn oaths, resulting in an unlawful arrest.  Following the initial events, there has been retaliation by means of intimidation, threats, blackmail, and extortion of the plaintiff.  The plaintiff has repeatedly provided the defendants opportunities to settle which have been seemingly ignored, allowing the case to proceed ever closer to trial.  Investigate for yourself or contact to discuss learning more.

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